"Niacin Glow: The Skincare Secret"

"Niacin Glow: The Skincare Secret"

Khao bhi Lagao Bhi-Plant Based Niacinamide

In Ayurveda Nutricosmetics term is often used for nutritional cosmetics and relates to “Khao bhi Lagao Bhi” “eat and drink products in co-ordination with usual skin care routine for better overall results”.
Q. Can I apply niacinamide every day?
Yes, we can apply every day, we recommend applying twice daily to see the benefits, which include visibly improvement of discoloration, a brighter complexion, and clearer-looking skin.
Q. Should you use Niacinamide in the morning or at night?
It is not affected by the sunlight, therefore can be used in the morning or night.
Q. Is Niacinamide good for acne and acne scars?
Yes, it reduces inflammation and calms acne. It increases protein synthesis to make scars heal faster.
Q. Does niacinamide fade dark spots?
Niacinamide acts as a humectant and antioxidant that helps lighten dark spots, reduce pore size over time, treat hyperpigmentation, redness, eczema, breakouts, and many skin conditions.
Q. What not to mix with niacinamide?
Like retinol, niacinamide should not be used with acidic skincare ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and even vitamin C. Plant based niacinamide combined with an acid can cause a bad chemical reaction of redness and flushing.
Q. Does sunlight affect niacinamide?
Niacinamide also plays nicely with the sun. “Niacinamide will not increase sun sensitivity,” says Dr Hextall. “It is an excellent ingredient that helps to calm inflammation, protect the skin barrier, and reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation.
Q. What are the side effects of Niacinamide?
Niacinamide might cause mild burning, itching, or redness, though the chances are very less. It might also worsen allergy.

Their are various benefits of hand curated niacinamide.

Now lets us try few DIY skincare recipes.

Niacinamide for glowing skin

- 12 grams distilled water or cool boiled water
- 1.5 grams of niacinamide
- 0.3 grams glycerine
- o.6 grams of propanedial
- 0.07 grams preservative
- 0.3 grams of calendula oil, optional
- 0.15 grams of hyaluronic acid if you require

Add niacinamide to distilled water. Mix for 5 minutes or until dissolved fully. Then add all the ingredients & mix well. Now pour the mixture in your 30ml bottle. Your plant based niacinamide for skin glowing is ready.

Use Niacinamide powder with your usual Moisturiser/Toner

Add about ¼ tsp of niacinamide powder to 100gm of your hydrating moisturizer/toner/face pack, mix well and leave for about 24 hours. This gives you approximately 2% concentration which is good enough for daily use you can increase or decrease it as per your requirement. I wouldn't suggest going beyond 5%.
Tip: Always do a patch test before trying any new ingredient on high concentrations. You can also try to add a tiny amount in one portion of moisturiser and mix.

"Niacin Glow: The Skincare Secret"urbaano herbal blog

 Skin Brightening Niacinamide Serum (to add to premade cosmetics)

1.5 tbsp Niacinamide powder (approx 30 g)
65 ml distilled water (65 gm) or cool boiled water
1tsp Glycerine
¼ tsp Preservative*
Heat water and dissolve sodium benzoate (if using) & wait till it cools. 
Add the niacinamide to the distilled water leave for about 24 hours or until niacinamide is dissolved. Mix the Niacinamide with sodium benzoate. Add other ingredients (Not compulsory)
Approximately 30% niacinamide solution is ready to use with your cosmetics. Simply add a few drops to your moisturiser or toner while using it. Don't use this directly on the skin.
*It should stay good in the fridge for a week without the preservative. I strongly suggest using a preservative, otherwise, make a very small batch at a time.

"Niacin Glow: The Skincare Secret"urbaano herbal blog


Niacinamide 1.5 tsp (10 gm)
Distilled water 85 ml (85 gm)
1 tsp glycerine
¼ tsp Preservative
Other extracts, if available
0.5 gm Xanthan gum or another thickener, if desired.
Heat water and dissolve thickener (if using). Add everything else and leave for about 24 hours or until niacinamide is dissolved.
Use it with a cotton pad or as a spray as a toner after washing your face but before moisturizer. As a serum, you can also just take a few drops and massage it on your skin.
It should stay good in the fridge for a week without the preservative. With sodium Benzoate, it should be well for up to a month. I strongly suggest using a preservative; otherwise, make a very small batch at a time.


Always do a patch test before using.
Do not use more than the recommended amount.
Do not use topically at the same time with Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

"Niacin Glow: The Skincare Secret"urbaano herbal blog

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