face serum most talked & used in skincare routine

Serums the most talked about in skincare routine

In the pursuit of radiant and perfect skin, the appeal industry provides a plethora of products to resolve various skin concerns. From skin lightening creams to anti-aging serums, and from herbal ingredients to gold-infused elixirs, the alternatives can be overwhelming.
What is a serum?
A face serum is a powerful concentrate of active ingredients tailored for your skin type. Its concentrated formula contains more active ingredients than a typical face cream or moisturizer. Whether a branded, expensive serum or a more affordable option, the quality of active ingredients will ensure a product that works best for your skin.
Face serum utilizes exclusive and pure natural actives, resulting in a powerful herbal skin product. It nourishes and repairs skin with natural nutrients, while providing protection and long-term improvement with every application.
How to decide what is the best skin serum?
Beauty companies make sure to provide products to their customers with different needs. Products according to the skin types might be one of those needs.
People with dry skin might be looking for something that would keep their skin not just glowing but also moisturizing. Dark spot removal or acne prone skin will use aha bha pha peeling serums. For those with a bit oilier skin it offers the perfect balance of hydration and matte finish. For bright skin vitamin c serum is used. Try it today and let us know how you like it!
What is the use of face serum?
Face serum is an ideal addition to any skincare routine. This lightweight formulation contains high concentrations of active molecules that deeply penetrate the skin and nourish for improved tone and texture. Enjoy a fresh, young, and healthy appearance without the hassle of adding extra steps to your routine.

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Are serums necessary for skin?
Face serums target specific skin concerns while moisturizer seals in your skin care products, locking in hydration. So yes, you need both because the two have different functions. If you skip a serum and only use moisturizer, you may not see much improvement in your dark spots or dullness.
 What is better serum vs moisturizer?
Serum and moisturizers are an important part of the skincare routine. Moisturizers are aligned to the purpose of providing both hydration and protection to your skin. It is made of heavier oil molecules to seal the skin and prevent water loss.
But this is not so in the case of a serum.  A serum is thinner and lighter than any moisturizer. Serums are made up of active molecules which are high in concentration and are smaller in size. Being smaller in size this active molecule can penetrate the skin very effectively and help the skin to improve and nourish itself.
 It is best to apply both a serum and a moisturizer. Serum on your face can penetrate easily but, a moisturizer is meant to seal it into the skin. Applying moisturizer over the serum is a better option than serum over moisturizer. Serum over moisturizer might cause hindrances in the active molecules to penetrate the skin more effectively because of this thicker and heavier molecule of a moisturizer.
Face serums works best with the application of a layer of moisturizer afterwards. This will ensure that the serum is sealed in your skin, increasing its effectiveness.

How to apply the serum to the face?
Including a serum in your skincare routine is not always mandatory. You can even use a toner instead of a serum if your skin likes it. If a face wash and a scrub are enough as daily skincare, then you should keep it to that. However, if your skin needs extra attention, then you should include other options.
If you want your skin to look more hydrated and fresher, then you should obviously include serum perfect for your skin. The number of applications of the serum can vary from person to person. Some people prefer to apply serum only twice or thrice a week. some people whereas prefer serum twice daily. Whatever the case may be, you should always apply a serum only after you have washed your face with a good face wash thoroughly. 
First wash your face thoroughly with a natural herbal face wash, dry your face with a clean cloth. Take a few drops of Face serum onto your palm and apply them on your cheekbones, forehead, and near the jaws, avoiding the eye area. Now start with gently rubbing the face serum slowly in a circular motion all over you face or you can pour few drops of serum on your face and rub it gently in a circular motion over the skin, avoid the eye region. If skin allergies or rashes are witnessed, you should stop using the respective product immediately. After applying the serum, you can wash it after 15 minutes or apply some moisturizer to your face. Moisturizer will make sure to seal the serum in and prevent water loss.
Will combining my moisturizer and face serum be effective for my skin health?
According to several types of research, and individual experiences, of researchers and customers over years, it has been stated that combining up facial products together, to gain better results is not at all a myth.
So, if you are thinking of mixing up your moisturizer or any other face products with your face serum, then we will like to suggest to you, that it has no harm. However, if you are thinking about mixing your sunscreens, which have UV protection specialties in themselves, with your regular face serum then we suggest you not do so. Sunscreens have UV protection specialties in them that will get diluted when combined with some face serum. Getting diluted sunscreens may not be as effective as they were before. They might not be able to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It might lead to your skin losing its natural complexion, due to dilution, which can even cause several skin diseases, if your skin is a sensitive one.
it is better to apply the serum on your face in a gentle manner and massage with jade roller stone massager or gua sha stone massager an skincare tool, is followed by applying a moisturizer on your face.
Face serum has the right amount of Vitamin C, Retinol, Salicylic acid, and Hyaluronic acids, arbutin in the right proportions, making sure that your skin has access to the best herbal ingredients possible.
What is the frequency of using a face serum?
Over the world, certain surveys are conducted which ask people about how frequently they use face serums. To this, several people have several answers like some of them use face serums regularly even twice a week, sometimes they are used only once a week, whereas some serums are used daily. The usage of serum depends on the condition of the skin issues for which it has been used.

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What are the different types of face serums?
It might not be known to everyone, but there are several different types of face serums available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below
Anti-aging face serums usually used by people over the age group of the 30s who face the problem of wrinkles and loosening of the skin. Anti-aging face serums are used to obtain tight and wrinkle-free skin.
Brightening face serums. These face serums are exclusively designed to reduce discoloration of the skin and also eliminate hyperpigmentation. Brightening serum is not always used for glowing skin, but it is also used to attend a brighter complexion for the face.
Hydrating serums. This face serum is used for moisturizing the skin as the name suggests. These serums have active molecules, which are perfect for entering into the skin of the user and nourishing as well as hydrating the cells of the skin. This hydrating serum is used by people who are more prone to the harsh outdoor environment due to occupation.
Exfoliating face serums. These serums are similar to that of a scrubber but far better than them. this serum is specifically used to remove dead skin cells and micro-pollutant that are stuck to the skin. these are perfect for removing the dead skin cells and micropollutants from our face and they also provide our skin with the proper amount of nutrients.
Anti-acne or acne-fighting serums. This type of serums basically has salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid which helps in fighting acne and blackheads present deep in the pores of the skin, can be cleaned by using this serum so, people having oily or acne-prone skin can sought to this serum.
Serums help in repairing and renewing the skin. They help to brighten, hydrate, moisturize, fade dark spots, acne, fine lines, & nourish your skin.
We wish you a bright, hydrated, glowing spotless youthful skin. 
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