Enjoy applying colours, & let others colour you this Holi: Skincare, Haircare & Eyecare Hack

Enjoy applying colours, & let others colour you this Holi: Skincare, Haircare & Eyecare Hack

“Let the music of Holi paint your soul with vibrant hues of joy."

Celebrate joyfully with the traditional songs, rhythmic drumbeats, and colourful festivities of the Throw of Colours. Transform into a vibrant kaleidoscope with drenched clothes and faces, revelling in the lively atmosphere. An immersive experience of culture and joy awaits.

Preholi skincare & hair care Hand curated only for you

Don't Let the fear of colours demotivate you & spoil your festival!


urbaano herbal blog pre holi skincare kit

Prepare your skin for holi colours

Start preparing your skin 2-3 days before holi. Massage your skin with body massage oil all over your body in circular motion so that it absorbs in your skin, hydrates & nourishes it.
Apply face oil on your face for extra hydration, moisturization, so that your skin is well hydrated & nourished to bear the assault of synthetic & toxin colours. Oil helps to form a protective layer, & colours are not absorbed in it. Let it just glide off.

urbaano herbal blog pre holi skincare kit

Save your hair from damage

A day before holi, massage natural hair oil in your scalp & every strand of your hair. Do not wash it before playing. Tie up your hair in a neat plait or a bun, so that they don’t break while playing holi.

urbaano herbal blog pre holi skincare kit preparation

Protect your arms, neck & face on holi day

Wear full sleeve top, so that your arms are covered. Apply body lotion on you body, tie up your oiled hair.  Wear comfortable shoes, so that you don’t slip while playing, running around.

Apply face cream on face 

Apply a thick layer of face cream on your face including around eyes. This will help to form a barrier between colours and your skin. This will also make it easy to get rid of the colours from your face.

 Lip balm Or Lip oil Serum

Best way to nourish, moisture & protect your lips, is to apply lip balm/oil serum on your lips. This will prevent colour settling in the cracks of your lips.

urbaano herbal blog pre holi skincare kit lipbalm

Don’t forget Finger & Toe nails

Apply transparent nail polish or a petroleum jelly as a protective coating. This will help in protecting the nails from absorbing colours.  The nail paint helps your hands & feet to look attractive with all different colours on your hands.

Don't Wear Lenses

Simple way to protect your eyes is to just close your eyes when someone is throwing or applying colour on you. Never wear lenses while playing with colours as that can severely damage the eyes causing irritation. Best way is to wear large or oversize sunglasses, which gives you an additional chance to flaunt your eyewear during colours.

Use Safe Colours

Look for natural organic or herbal colours. They can either be bought online or at any store. Gulal,  can also be used as a replacement, and one should avoid water-based colours. If can't then go ahead.

Wash Your Face

If colours enter your eyes, splash your face and eyes with water. Do not rub your eyes or wash with soap. Do not use home remedies to clean the eyes as they may cause more damage than the colours. The best idea is to always consult an eye doctor rather than self-medicating. Have a radiant & Glowing Skin.

Play Holi with Fun, Frolic & Precautions

 urbaano herbal blog pre holi skincare kit preparation

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