How to Prepare for Holi Festival? blog

How to Prepare Yourself for Holi Festival?

Let us celebrate festival of colours with pomp & show.

Celebrate the vibrant Holi festival with perfect preparation. It is the opportunity to make the most of the colourful festivities with confidence. Enjoy the day with ease and create unforgettable memories. Don’t allow Holi colours to dampen your festive spirit. Here are some of the best skincare and haircare tips you must follow before Holi.

How to Prepare for Holi Festival? blog

10 Ultimate guiding tips to prepare you for enjoying Holi with friends & family. 

  1. Select an open ground near your house where every one can run around immersing each other with colour, laughter, & water.
  2. Create a colorful and fun party with bags of herbal, organic colours, water balloons, and water blasters. With upbeat Bollywood music, local brews or thandai, and delicious mithais, everyone will have a blast. Perfect for kids and adults alike, make your next celebration one to remember!
  3. How to Prepare for Holi Festival?
  4. Select white kurta pyjama theme for men & ladies, if possible, even for the kids. Then you have a wide range of canvas to spray colours.
  5. Protect and nourish your delicate lips with lip balm/oil/serum. As lip balm/oil provides 24 hours of moisturization, preventing dryness and dead skin build-up. Don't leave home without it. You can use organic tint lip balm also for some colour too.
  6. Wear full sleeve top, so that your arms are covered, apply body lotion on your entire body so that body lotion forms a barrier between skin & colours. Wear comfortable shoes, so that you don’t slip while playing, running around.
  7. Massage natural hair oil in your scalp & every strand of your hair. Do not wash it before playing. Tie up your hair in a neat plait or a bun, so that they don’t break while playing Holi.
  8. Apply a thick layer of face cream on your face including around eyes. This will help to form a barrier between colours and your skin. This will also make it easy to get rid of the colours from your face. 
  9. How to Prepare for Holi Festival?
  1. It’s best to apply a sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out of the house to avoid unwanted tanning. Broad spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30PA++ is usually recommended by dermatologist. So, you can apply them on your face, arms, neck, and other exposed areas. This will protect your skin from the sun as well as the colours. 
  1. Apply transparent nail polish as a protective coating. This will help in protecting the nails from absorbing colours. The nail paint helps your hands & feet to look attractive with all different colours on your hands. 
  1. Wear large or oversize sunglasses, which gives you an additional chance to flaunt your eyewear during colours. Play Holi in Stylish eyewear accessory it saves your eyes from toxin colours entering it & damaging the eyes & your Holi spirit.
  2. How to Prepare for Holi Festival? blog

Now you are ready to colour EVERYONE red, yellow & blue

Happy Holi

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